17thAnnual Conference of Indian fertility Society

Workshops: 4 & 5 December, 2021 | Conference: 10 - 12 December, 2021

New Delhi | India

Welcome to Fertivision 2021

It gives us immense pleasure to invite you to Delhi, this December for the 17th annual conference of Indian Fertility Society, FERTIVISION, 2021. Certainly, we all are going through the most challenging phase in our entire lifetimes, which shall go down the history. Yet with the challenges we have innovated means to stay connected all-round the year; to our patients and colleagues. The theme of the conference this year is “Challenges and Innovations in ART” thought fully to keep us reminding that despite the pandemic we have overcome the challenges with many innovations in Research, Technology and Patient care. The scientific committee has designed the programme focussing on the education and practice needs of clinicians, embryologists, andrologists, geneticist, and counsellors in keeping with the theme for the congress and workshops. Twelve half day workshops on 4th and 5th December, 2021 have been designed both on the hybrid mode, while the main conference on 10th to 12th December is virtual. The 12 workshops selected by the scientific committee are in collaboration with the special interest groups (SIG) and cover the theme well. The main conference updates you on the basics and recent advances in Reproductive Medicine, covering innovative subjects as Artificial intelligence, non-invasive pre-implantation genetic screening, novel strategies on ovarian stimulation, besides the challenges in trouble-shooting in both clinical and la aspects of ART. An amazing line of speakers from across the globe are participating to deliberate 4 days, including the workshop. Not to forget the galaxy of National speakers that have been exclusively selected to share evidence and experience relevant to the talks.

Besides the star speakers the conference gives ample opportunity to present your research work through oral presentations and E posters with awards in various categories.

The trade exhibition is another attraction with the industry show-casing innovations with brilliance at the product theatres and stalls which are on the virtual platforms. Certainly, our event team have overcome the challenges with innovation to bring the best from pharmaceutical and laboratory industry on different virtual platforms to give affect far beyond imagination. The Product Theatres are designed for you to know your Equipment and Products, besides attend sponsored lectures by researchers who worked to realize the products.

We welcome our IFS members, trainees and colleagues to FERTIVISION 2021! We value your participation and involvement in all the academic events of the conference.

Looking forward to seeing you at the hybrid workshops and virtually over the main conference.

Kind Regards

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